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Valtellina Valtellina
The Valtellina is one goes them wide that extends from the center of the alpine chain, in one of the tourist zones more fascinating widths and than Europa.
To border between Italy and Switzerland, Lombardía and canton the Grigioni, the Valtellin ..

Courmayeur Courmayeur
In Valle d’Aosta, within a natural basin surrounded by the majestic backdrop of the Mont Blanc chain, among larch trees and firs, among mountains and glaciers which make it incomparable, Courmayeur boasts a first rate tourist-receptive organiz ..

Bormio Bormio, Valtellina
Bormio lies in a wide and luminous valley, encircled by mountains, where four valleys meet: Valdidentro, Valfurva, Valle del Braulio and Valdisotto.

Bormio is an important touristic destination. The tourists are attracted by its t ..

Livigno Livigno, Valtellina
Livigno is the most northern town of Lombardy, and it is located in a small plateau in the heart of the Alps; one of its hamlets, Trepalle, is located at 2250 meters above sea level: this height makes it the highest permanently inhabited town of Euro ..

Sondrio Sondrio, Valtellina
Sondrio is the main town of Valtellina and lies on the confluence of rivers Mallero and Adda.

The city still has important traces of its past; the historical center, crossed by Via Scarpatetti, is characterized by narrow a ..

Tirano Tirano, Valtellina
Tirano is very close to the border between Italy and Switzerland, and it is an important touristic resort and meeting place of many ways of communication.

The importance of its geographic position guaranteed a sure well-being durin ..

Chiesa in Valmalenco, Valtellina
Valmalenco is a valley that begins near Sondrio and goes ahead in the mountains in the northern part of Valtellina. It includes five towns: Torre di Santa Maria, Spriana, Lanzada, Caspoggio and Chiesa in Valmalenco, the main town.

C ..

Santa Caterina Valfurva, Valtellina
Valfurva is a green valley, rich of forests and waters, located in the eastern part of Valtellina, near Bormio.
The main town is undoubtedly Santa Caterina, encircled by the high peaks of the Ortles-Cevedale group, like a huge amphitheat ..

Aprica Aprica, Valtellina
Aprica is a small town located on the homonymous pass, between Val Camonica and Valtellina, to approximately 1200 meters above sea level.

Towards the end of 19th century in the town started to develop the touristic activity that is no ..

Chiavenna, Valtellina
Chiavenna is located in the center of the homonymous valley, where it divides in Valle di Sain Giacomo and Val Bregaglia.
Taking a walk along the ways of the center, the rich past of the city can be seen: palaces with decorated facades, small s ..

Madesimo Madesimo, Valtellina
Madesimo is a famous touristic locality, approximately 20 km far from Chiavenna. It is located at 1550 meters above sea level, and is the Italian town that is furthest from the sea. Perfect for the summer holiday, thanks to the fresh climate ..
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