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Bormio spa, Valtellina
One of the most important characteristics of Bormio is its water: the thermal sources are exploited since roman age and today they feeds three plants: the complex of Bormio Terme, the complex of Bagni Vecchi and Bagni Nuovi.

Bormio Terme ..

Ischia spa, Ischia
The thermal waters of Ischia are known and used sice ancient times. The Greeks used thermal waters to strengthen spirit and body and as a remedy for recovery of wounds, attributing to waters and the vapours that gushed out from the earth super ..

Cervia spa, Riviera Romagnola
Cervia Spa is one of the most modern thermal establishments in Italy: ideal oasis for cure, relax and recreation, dipped in the nature, between the sea, the pine wood and the salina. The plant rises in fact in the green of the pine wood, near the Nat ..

Rimini spa, Rimini
Rimini offers a lot of possibilities to its tourists, also a modern and relaxant thermal resort.

Near to a free beach, for those who love the sea and the well-being, there is Riminiterme, where, besides four swimming pools and a gy ..
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