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Florence Florence
Florence never ceases to amaze. In the words of Stendhal, it is a city "of subtle charm" that is not depleted by the importance of the most well-known greatnesses.
It was the birthplace of poets and artists who wrote history from the 13th ..

Milan Milan
Capital of Northern Italy, Milan is a multiform city, always changing: it is impossible to make a short presentation.
Heterogenous city, rather disordered, it does not reveal itself quickly to its visitors; you must discovered it slowly, with c ..

Genoa Genoa
Genoa (called Zena in the Liguria dialect) is the capital of Liguria; city of sea, and with a glorious history, it is known with the name of Superba ( proud ), and it is today one of the most important and populated metropolitan areas of Italy ..

Rome Rome
Called Città Eterna, Rome is shrouded in a mythical atmosphere, since its origins: according to a legend, the twins Romolo and Remo, abandoned on the shore of the river Tevere, were saved by a female wolf that feeded them with its milk, and, o ..

Bologna Bologna
Bologna is the main city of Emilia-Romagna and obliged passage between the north and the south of the peninsula. It was an Etruscan, then Gaulish and Roman city. During the Middle Ages the city reached the apex of its power and inside its walls was ..

Venice Venice
Venice stands on a hundred islands in the Lagoon of Venice, in the Adriatic sea, linked to the mainland by a bridge which was built in the 1930s. Venice and its lagoon are on the Unesco World Heritage list.

There is not a place ..

Palermo Palermo
Apart from the gulf and the sea, Palermo is also fascinating for its monuments, luxuriant gardens and breathtaking panoramas. Over the centuries Palermo has often been the object of conquest and different conquerors have l ..

Pisa lies in the place where once there was the mouth of the river Arno; today the sea is more far away, but the city has always maintained a particular fascination.

The origins of the name Pisa are completely uncertain. The most pro ..

Turin is a city that waits to be discovered: it has been the first capital of Italy (from 1861 to 1865), and today is one of the greatest economic, cultural, touristic and scientific cities of the nation.
Turin is a city of art, modern and exci ..

The city of Naples rises in the homonymous gulf, dominated by the Mount Vesuvius and delimited to east by the Sorrento Peninsula and to west by the gulf of Pozzuoli with Capo Miseno. This excellent position creates an evocative scenery, considered on ..

Catania is the second-largest city in Sicily: destroyed many times by volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, it has always been rebuilt on its ruins with great stubbornness: according to the legend its historical center, that it has been listed as World ..

In its millenarian history, Agrigento has had four different names: Akragas in Greek, Agrigentum in Latin, Kerkent in Arabic and Girgenti for the Normans. Girgenti remained the official name of the city till 1929, when it was changed into the current ..

Ravenna is perhaps the most important city, from an historical point of view, of the whole Emilia-Romagna; it is a fascinating and mysterious city of art, that also has 35 km of beach.

Ravenna is a casket of art, history and culture, thanks ..

Florence Florence, Florence
Florence (or Firenze, Florentia and Fiorenza) is the capital city of the Italian region of Tuscany, and of the province of Florence. It is the most populated city in Tuscany and has a population of approximately 364,779.


F ..
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