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Lake Como Lake Como
The Lake of Como is particularly favourable and renowned for its generally mild and humid climate which assists the lushness of nature. All of this is possible due to the Alpine ridge which resists the winds from the North and also because of the gre ..

Lake Maggiore
Lake Maggiore, whose surface is shared between Italy and Switzerland, is one of the main alpine lakes and the second italian lake after Lake Garda.
Lakes, islands, mountains, typical villages, masterpieces of Art and Nature are waiting for you ..

Garda Lake Garda Lake
The Coast of the Olive Trees

The Lake Garda, or Benaco, is the biggest Italian lake; its territory is divided between three regions: Lombardy, Veneto and Trentino-Alto Adige. In the North it is narrow, surrounded by high mounta ..

Lake Garda Lake Garda
The Lake Garda, or Benaco, is the biggest Italian lake; its territory is divided between three regions: Lombardy, Veneto and Trentino-Alto Adige. In the North it is narrow, surrounded by high mountains, while in the South it is wide and encircled by ..

Maggiore lake
Lake Maggiore, whose surface is shared between Italy and Switzerland, is one of main alpine lakes and the second biggest italian lake after Lake Garda.

A travel that allows to visit majestic landscapes, curiosities, atmospheres, in order to t ..

Menaggio Menaggio, Lake Como
Menaggio, thanks to its panoramic position, from which you have a charming view over Bellagio, Varenna and all the central part of the lake, is a famous touristic resort, with a very good hotel organization, golf course, touristic harbour, cam ..

Gravedona Gravedona, Lake Como
Gravedona is located in a wonderful position, laid in a graceful and sunny gulf, that guarantees a mild climate during the winter and eased by constant breezes in summer.

The small village is characterized by narrow alleys, steep stairs, ..

Bardolino, Garda Lake
The town of Bardolino is situated in a beautiful loop of the Lake Garda, far away from the crowded and busy areas.
It is a town with an high historical lineage, whose name can have Germanic origin or, maybe, connections with a character ..

Garda, Garda Lake
The gulf of Garda is a jewel dominated by the blue of the lake and Mediterranean vegetation.
In the North the gulf is closed by the mount Luppia, while in the South the hill of the Rocca (stronghold) rises: through a steep path it is possible t ..

Lazise, Garda Lake
The embattled walls and the towers of the scaligero castle give to Lazise, that lies on the oriental side of the Garda, a medieval print. The town, already inhabited in the prehistory, during roman age was called “Lasitium”. In XII century it became ..

Malcesine, Garda Lake
It is often considered as the most evocative town of the Lago of Garda, with the castle hoisted on a cape that declines in the water of the lake. Malcesine, really, has a particular fascination. The castle has ancient origin: rebuilt thank to ..

Peschiera del Garda, Garda Lake
Peschiera is 25 km far from Verona and in this town the emissary of the lake Garda, the river Mincio, flows out from the lake. The construction of the walled town of Peschiera, surrpunded by water has modified the natural flow of the river. In ..

Torri del Benaco, Garda Lake
Torri del Benaco takes its name from two towers (torri) that, with the regular plant of the village, testify its roman origin like 'castrium turrium'.

Beyond the little harbour and the panorama, it cannot lack the Castle Scaligero (o ..

Desenzano del Garda Desenzano del Garda, Lake Garda
With its wide territory, Desenzano faces the southern shores of the lake. In spite of the town's widening, the historical center is still developed near the old harbour, surrounded by historical buildings as the Palazzo del Provveditore
Manerba del Garda Manerba del Garda, Lake Garda
Manerba del Garda lies near the charming Parco della Rocca di Manerba; the town is divided in six hamlets: Solarolo, Montinelle, Balbiana, Pieve, Crociale and Gardoncino and it is one of the preferred destinations during the summer, thanks als ..

Como Como, Lake Como
Como rises on the southern point of the western branch of the Lario; the city has roman origin, according to the legend it was founded by Caesar, in the year 59 b.C., and today it has about 80.000 inhabitants.

The historical ..

Bellagio Bellagio, Lake Como
Bellagio is the more famous locality of lake Como, also known as " the pearl of the Lario".

The town deserves the reputation that it has: it is a jewel of landscape and architecture, encircled by fortifications, characterize ..

Varenna Varenna, Lake Como
Varenna rises on a promontory at the foot of a mountain that has been exploited for centuries because of its richness in black marble; today the quarries are closed, and Varenna became an important touristic center. The town has an enviable panora ..

Tremezzo Tremezzo, Lake Como
The town is situated on the western side of the Lario, in front of Bellagio, sightseeing on the central part of the lake; Tremezzo has been a famous place of holiday in all the times and this is the reason why in the town there is a huge prese ..

Cernobbio Cernobbio, Lake Como
Cernobbio is located on the western shore of the lake, at the foot of the Monte Bisbino.

The town has ancient origins, and in the older part of the town, not far from the public square on the lake, there are some characteristic construction ..

Lecco Lecco, Lake Como
The city of Lecco is located in the southern point of the Lario, in a small plain valley surrounded by rocky mountains. In the city you can visit several monuments, among which the beautiful Basilica of San Nicolò, main church of the city, dedicated ..

Domaso Domaso, Lake Como
Domaso is located in the northern part of the lake, on the western side. Its position allows it to have a particularly favorable and mild climate, caressed by a constant breeze called Breva that has made possible to birth of numerous nautical center ..

Sirmione Sirmione, Lake Garda
Sirmione, whose name derives from “syrma”, that is “tail, trail”, developes on a thin peninsula that extends for 4 km in the heart of the lake Garda, whose natural features represent reason of admiration and renown since the antiquity.


Gardone Riviera Gardone Riviera, Lake Garda
Gardone is famous above all because of the Vittoriale, but the variety of its prestigious twentieth-century residences.
The development of Gardone had been realized in the 1900's, and it owes a lot to a Viennese engineer, Ludwig Wimmer. ..

Salò Salò, Lake Garda
Laid down along the shores of a deep creek, Salò faces the lake, protected by its hills with cypresses and olive trees. The origins of this town, like other localities of the Lake Garda, are ancient.
You can feel the history in the animat ..

Gargnano Gargnano, Lake Garda
Gargnano lies on the western shore of the lake, protect from the cold northern winds by a crown of mountains and hills. Its territory is composed by several hamles; on the slopes that surround the town, the mild climate created the ideal conditions f ..

Limone sul Garda Limone sul Garda, Lake Garda
The name of Limone remembers to all the tourists that arrive in this picturesque locality the lemon fruits that really grow here: the city guide says that this is the more northern locality where these fruits grow. The truth is the name probably der ..

Cannobio, Maggiore lake
The town has ancient origins, perhaps preroman; Cannobio was sure a strategic centerwhere there was a lacustrine fleet. Among the most interesting monuments of Cannobio we remember the Santuario della Pietà, built for San Carlo Borromeo and th ..

Ghiffa, Maggiore lake
On the western side of the lake, to north of Verbania, there is Ghiffa, famous town because on its territory is located a Sacro Monte (Sacred Mountain). The words Sacro Monte usually refer to a devotional complex standing on the slopes of a mo ..

Verbania, Maggiore lake
In 1939 the two towns of Intra and Pallanza were united, creating a new city, Verbania: this name comes from the other name of Lake Maggiore, that is called also Verbano.

Verbania offers to its visitors many interesting monuments and valuabl ..

Baveno, Maggiore lake
Baveno is situated inside of the charming Gulf of the Borromee Islands, a territory full of history, culture and traditions. In the town you can enjoy wonderful sights and interesting monuments, among which the Church of the Saints Gervaso and Pro ..

Stresa, Maggiore lake
The tourist reputation of Stresa is due to the tales of excellent travellers who, since the 1800's, chose Stresa as one of the places to visit during their Grand Tour in Italy: Stendhal, Charles Dickens and Lord Byron have been here and they wrote ab ..

Arona, Maggiore lake
Arona is today an important touristic and commercial center. Since the Middle Ages has been considered a strategic point as placed on one of the main ways that connect Switzerland and Italy, and also today is an optimal place for a trip of a weekend ..

Borromean Islands, Maggiore lake
The Borromean Islands are a group of three small islands (Isola Madre, Isola Bella, Isola dei Pescatori) and two islets, called Isolino di San Giovanni and Malghera, a tiny uninhabited rock. In the 14th century the Borromeo family acquired them and b ..
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