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Vatican City, Rome
Vatican City is an independent state, enclave of the italian territory, in the center of the city of Rome. It is the smaller state in the world (0,44 km ²), ruled by the bishop of Rome - the Pope, but it encloses true jewels of art and architecture ( ..

Sanctuary of Santa Rosalia Sanctuary of Santa Rosalia, Palermo
The sanctuary was built in 1625 where Saint Rosalia lived over a long time until death. From that moment the devotion to the saint grew and she became the patron saint of Palermo.
According to legend, Rosalia was born of a Norman noble family an ..

Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist, Turin
The Cathedral of Turin is dedicated to John the Baptist, patron saint of the city, and it is the only church of the city with a Renaissance style, adorned by a beautifulst facade in white marble from Carrara.

On the left side there is the b ..
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