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Liguria Italy Liguria is a coastal region of north-western Italy, the third smallest of the Italian regions.This region is divided into four provinces: Genova (the capital), Imperia, La Spezia e Savona.

A mountainous and hilly land, Liguria is bounded to the south by the Ligurian Sea, and to the north by a mountainous arch in which the Maritime Alps are joined to the Apennines.

The Ligurian economy is based on tourism, olive oil production, fisheries, and a few industries in different sectors (shipyards, steel, oil refineries, aviation) mainly concentrated in Genoa and the Province of Savona.

Genoa (called Zena in the Liguria dialect) is the capital of Liguria; city of sea, and with a glorious history, it is known with the name of Superba ( proud ), and it is today one of the most i ...

Cinque Terre
In the Middle Ages "terra" (land) had the meaning of "town": indeed this piece of rocky coast is formed by five towns, called Cinque Terre (five lands).

From the archaeological discove ...

Tigullio is the area that goes from Santa Margherita Ligure to Sestri Levante, full of picturesque towns and beautiful marine landscapes. Its name derives from the tribe of the Tigulli, inhabi ...
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