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Ischia spa
The thermal waters of Ischia are known and used sice ancient times. The Greeks used ...

The indented coasts of the island of Procida, that are in some areas low and sandy, ...

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Ischia spa

The thermal waters of Ischia are known and used sice ancient times. The Greeks used thermal waters to strengthen spirit and body and as a remedy for recovery of wounds, attributing to waters and the vapours that gushed out from the earth supernatural powers; but were the Romans that celebrated the use of this water as a instrument of cure and relaxation, through the construction of the Public Thermae.
From 1600 to 1900, near the springs, were built numerous plants and receptive structures that made Ischia a famous international place of cure and relaxation, where we can cure different diseases.

Today, distributed in the territory of the island there are 29 groups of thermal sources, among which 103 are water sources and 69 are fumarole.
Thanks to this, the tourists who visit Ischia can relax in the beautiful thermal parks and wellness centers, in an atmosphere characterized by magnificent panoramas: the rocky cliffs of Monte Epomeo, the sweet hills cultivated with vineyard, resting pine woods, beaches… But the thermal waters not only strengthen the spirit, but cure also the body: they help the recovery of respiratory diseases, inflammatory syndromes and diseases of the skin.
There are thermal parks anywhere on the island: we remember those of Forio, Serrara Fontana, Ischia and Lacco Ameno.

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